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Labor fights back in Argentina
Los Angeles Times
April 15, 2005
"...a compelling and suspenseful cautionary tale documenting the consequences of globalization... universal in its implications."

Ebert Reviews The Take
February 17, 2005
"If these films are as correct as they are persuasive, international monetary policy is essentially a scheme to bankrupt smaller nations and cast their populations into poverty, while multinational corporations loot their assets and whisk the money away to safe havens and the pockets of rich corporations and their friends..."

Doc Overflowing with Human Drama
The Calgary Sun
November 12, 2004
"...Lewis and Klein are at the forefront of Canada’s prestigious documentary film industry."

The Take: Standing Ovation for the Workers
February 1, 2005
The Take's heroes receive a standing ovation at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre.

Fixing Argentina
New York Times
September 22, 2004
"...a stirring, idealistic documentary..."

The Take Wins Documentary Prize
Los Angeles Times
November 12, 2004
The Take receives the Grand Jury prize for best international documentary at the American Film Institute Festival.

Workers Seen As Heroes
Seattle Times
November 26, 2004
"...a hopeful and...inspiring picture of possibility..."

The Take
The New Yorker
September 22, 2004
"...Lewis and Klein have done something extraordinary..."

Different 'Takes' to Workers' Story
The Vancouver Sun
October 29, 2004
"...a story of every-day heroism, that also offers a model for productive change by repositioning the people as the power-brokers..."

Workers’ Modest Dreams at the Centre
The Edmonton Journal
November 12, 2004
"The Take takes on everything about modern Argentina."

Various Publications
November 1, 2004
The Blurbs: an exercise in ellipses...

Inside 'A Rich Country Made Poor'
The Globe and Mail
October 29, 2004
"...a compelling and hopeful story..."

A Cry for Argentina
The National Post
October 29, 2004
"...a careful and optimistic documentary that presents a productive — literally — response to...the dark side of the global economy."

Doc a Hopeful Look at Grassroots Movement
Winnipeg Free Press
November 12, 2004
"...The Take will have you on your feet singing We Shall Overcome..."

Avi Gives The Take
The Calgary Sun
November 14, 2004
How The Take came to be...

The Take
Seattle Weekly
November 24, 2004
A brief review from the run in Seattle.

Take This!
New York Daily News
September 24, 2004
"A classic victory for the little guy!"

A Great Take on Solidarity
The Toronto Sun
October 29, 2004
" inspirational tale..."

Lewis's Take on Risk
Toronto Sun
October 28, 2004
An interview with Avi Lewis.

Anti-Globalization in Practice
The Toronto Star
October 29, 2004
An interview with Avi and Naomi that draws the parallels between Argentine and North American factory workers' struggles for survival.

Lewis Finds Hope Amid Ruin
The Calgary Herald
November 12, 2004
"It really is David bringing down Goliath."

Best FTP Couple Turned Moviemakers
Now Magazine
October 28, 2004
Naomi and Avi discuss busting Carlyle deals, The Take, why the movement isn't anti-globalization, and the best thing about Toronto with Now Magazine for their "Best of Toronto" issue.

Take What's Yours
Ottawa Xpress
November 4, 2004
Ottawa's weekly interviews Avi.

The Take Finds Hope in Argentine Workers
The Vancouver Province
October 29, 2004
"These filmmakers' enthusiasm is contagious..."

Documentaries 'filling a gap'
The Vancouver Province
October 29, 2004
An interview with Naomi.

They're Not Gonna Take It
The Hour
October 28, 2004
An review and interview with Avi in Montreal's finest English-language weekly.

Seven Questions
Seven Oaks
October 26, 2004
An post-benefit screening interview with Avi and Naomi in a progressive BC e-zine.

Doc Listens to the Voice of the People
The Georgia Straight
October 28, 2004
"...a capitalist's nightmare..."

The Means of Production Won by Default
New York Newsday
September 22, 2004
"An eye-opening, possibility-widening documentary..."

Welcome to the globalized ghost town
Mother Jones
September 17, 2004
"...builds tension like a quality thriller...a remarkable film."

The Take
October 29, 2004
" empowering event.."

The Company They Keep
TV Guide
September 24, 2004
"...once capitalism has finally consumed itself, something far more productive will arise from the discarded bones and gristle."

The Take
September 20, 2004
A sophisticated review jammed with context and a smart critique.

Venice Beach Party
Globe and Mail
September 7, 2004
While at the Venice Film Festival, we screened The Take at a parallel activist event, which was widely reported as better organized than the festival itself...

Furnace Trouble
Cinema Scope
August 1, 2004
A double review of The Take and a new film by a legendary Argentine filmmaker

The Antidote to Politics as Infotainment
The Edmonton Journal
November 12, 2004
An interview with Avi.

Lewis and Klein's Direct Action Doc
El Pais
May 7, 2004
A translation of a review that ran in El País in Spain, and was re-printed in the International Herald Tribune

Avi Lewis Gets Reel
Now Magazine
April 22, 2004
Review in Toronto's best weekly

Resolutely Hopeful
August 8, 2004
A long interview with Avi about the film and the situation in Argentina

Lewis Spreads Message for Social Change
Vancouver Sun
May 25, 2004
The Vancouver Sun review

Docs Without Borders
Maclean's Magazine
May 10, 2004
A review of The Take and some other films that played the Hot Docs festival

Shooting stars
Toronto Life
May 1, 2004
A long article about The Take and a couple of other recent Canadian documentaries

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